Massive open online course in Basic Electromagnetics

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Dr. Kathryn Smith

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Kathryn Smith of ECE is leading a project sponsored by Ansys to develop materials for online delivery of two classes covering the fundamental principles of electromagnetics.  The intent of this work is to transform the delivery of complex electromagnetic concepts from the traditional presentation of written equations and derivations to a more interactive, intuitive, and visual format.  Online delivery allows seamless integration of illustrative graphics, animations, and field simulations with the spoken and written lecture material, as well as with interactive applets and simulations. This presentation style is targeted to appeal to the modern student, who is accustomed to a more visually stimulating technological environment than the traditional classroom can provide.  Emphasis will be placed on establishing context, even at this introductory level, through frequent references to real-world applications and related employment opportunities, and through integration of industry-standard simulation tools to provide examples and demonstrations.