ECE Labs

Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Welcome to the UNC Charlotte ECE Undergraduate Teaching Labs website. Your ECE laboratory experience at UNC Charlotte has been designed to provide you with the basic laboratory skills needed in your engineering profession. The ability to build and evaluate electrical and electronics equipment is essential for the majority of jobs in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Your laboratory assignments will require a methodical approach to the collection and analysis of data and will emphasize the appropriate presentation of your results.

In order to gain the most from your laboratory experience, you must study each experiment and answer the pre-lab questions in advance of the laboratory meeting. Although a diligent effort to synchronize experiments with lecture topics has been made, you may be required at times to perform experiments on topics that have not been fully covered in class. It is therefore important to be well prepared for each lab session by starting the pre-lab exercise early and asking questions as necessary. See your TA or visit my office for help or reference materials if you are having difficulty understanding a pre-lab exercise or experimental procedure.

We hope your laboratory experience will be a valuable part of your engineering education. Questions, concerns and suggestions are always welcome.

Benny Rodriguez, Lab Manager, EPIC 2226

Eddie Hill, ECE Technician, EPIC 2154