The Career Center recently concluded its successful fourth ‘Niner Career Challenge’ in the fall of 2023, aimed at encouraging students to actively engage in their career development. Students earned points through various activities, including event attendance, coaching appointments, and drop-in sessions, with the chance to win spring 2024 tuition and monthly prizes. Wanseok Oh, a […]

Dr. Minhaj Nur Alam, Assistant Professor of ECE, has been recently awarded funding from the National Eye Institute (NEI) at the National Institute of ealth (NIH) for the project “Distributed approaches to train machine learning models in diabetic retinopathy”. Dr. Alam, along with his clinical collaborators at Stanford and Illinois, aim to establish distributed federated […]

Dr. Hamed Tabkhi takes the spotlight in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) program for his pioneering work in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for public safety. His project, “Building Safe and Secure Communities through Real-Time Edge Video Analytics,” combines computer vision, behavioral analysis, and edge computing to address urban […]

UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering has teamed up with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) and Bürkert, Germany, to offer three exceptional Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) students an unparalleled international experience. Matthew McGrew, Steve Feinstein, and Axel Knoll, the inaugural cohort, are currently undertaking an intensive internship at Bürkert in Germany from January to […]

Research in the Hardware and Embedded Design and Security (HEADS) lab focuses on hardware-based authentication framework using strong physical unclonable functions (PUFs), new authentication techniques, incorporating lightweight cryptographic primitives, and novel pre-boot authentication and storage encryption functions for trusted platform modules (TPM). Recent research develops, validates, and demonstrates CyberPREPS, a concurrent learning cyber-physical framework for […]

Research in Transformative Computer Systems and Architecture (TeCSAR) is led by Prof. Hamed Tabkhi with a mission to bring recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and data analytics to our communities to enhance residents’ safety, health, security, and overall well-being while maintaining their privacy. At TeCSAR lab, the focus is on developing novel […]

The nascent field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have experienced unprecedented growth in recent times, especially in healthcare and biomedical applications. For example, artificial neural networks have revolutionized the analysis of nonlinear functions with millions of inputs, however, most of the work is still superficial in medical AI, primarily focusing on downstream […]

Dr. Wang and his research team tackle the critical Network-on-Chip (NoC) design challenges by developing an intelligent, adaptive, multi-layer approach design framework for multicore systems. The overarching goal is to enable cooperation and dynamic adaptation across all system abstraction layers to obtain globally optimal solutions for system-level reliability, performance, power, security, and cost. Besides the […]

Research in Quantitative Ultrasound to Enhance Soft Tissue Imaging (QUEST) lab is led by Prof. Farah Deeba with a mission to identify non-invasive imaging biomarkers as a surrogate for the underlying pathophysiological processes for the early prediction and monitoring of diseases. Ultrasound is widely accepted as the next-generation imaging modality of choice, but it is […]

UNC Charlotte recently welcomed leading minds in power electronics and electron devices for the IEEE Workshop on Wide Bandgap Power Devices & Applications (WiPDA). The event united experts in device science, circuit design, and application engineering, showcasing advancements and insights in areas like device fabrication, high-efficiency converters, and safe wide bandgap device operation. Discussions spanned […]

Dr. Minhaj Alam’s research team has been highlighted by the Charlotte Observer for pioneering AI applications in medical imaging. Their focus on ‘deep learning’ AI involves training machines to make informed decisions based on data, notably in diagnosing conditions like diabetic retinopathy and addressing geographic atrophy, a degenerative eye condition. The full article can be […]

UNC Charlotte proudly announces Rajnish Deo as the recipient of the prestigious Faye Jacques Memorial Endowed Graduate Fellowship for the upcoming academic year 2023-24. Rajnish is currently pursuing his master’s degree in electrical engineering. The fellowship, established in honor of Ms. Faye Jacques’ dedication to education, recognizes Rajnish’s exceptional achievements and potential to contribute to […]

2022-2023 Student Achievement Awards Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Outstanding Senior Computer Engineering: Adam HudsonThese awards recognize students of distinction from the Computer Engineering program. Outstanding Senior Electrical Engineering: Gideon Cooper & Ivy LeThese awards recognize students of distinction from the Electrical Engineering program. Outstanding Senior Double Major Computer & Electrical Engineering: Phillip Harmon & Gabriel Van […]

The PhD in Electrical Engineering program in the ECE department has been recognized as a “model program” by the Office of Assessment and Accreditation at UNC Charlotte. A model program should be one where faculty are engaged in meaningful conversations about outcome results and strategies for improvement, and uses these results to make curricular and/or […]

PhD student Ali Parsa Sirat has been awarded the Best Presentation Award for his paper presented at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Orlando. The paper, titled “Ultra-Wideband Unidirectional Reset-Less Rogowski Coil Switch Current Sensor Topology for High-Frequency DC-DC Power Converters,” was co-authored by Hossein Niakan, Daniel Evans, James Gafford, and Babak Parkhideh. […]

The College of Engineering has awarded seed funding to Dr. Hamed Tabhki, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for developing an infrastructure to develope a smart bus sytem for establishing transportation equity amoungst lower-income communities in the Charlotte Area. Low-income households face a spatial mismatch between their homes and where grocery stores, work, health, […]

As part of the MLK Day Jr. Day celebrations, Dr. Courtney Smith-Orr, Teaching Assistant Professor of ECE, was interviewed on WBTV to talk about the work and support of the Divine 9, a group of Black Greek Organizations. Following the interview, Dr. Smith-Orr participated in a panel discussion on “Divine Nine Panel Discussion: A Conversation […]

Dr. Yong Zhang Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Yong Zhang, Bissell Distinguished Professor of Engineering, of ECE at UNC Charlotte, and his collaborators recently invented a completely new device concept, solar-battery cell (SBC), that can be viewed as a single-device level hybridization of a solar cell and a battery or an electrical power storage device […]