Research in Transformative Computer Systems and Architecture (TeCSAR)

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Research in Transformative Computer Systems and Architecture (TeCSAR) is led by Prof. Hamed Tabkhi with a mission to bring recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and data analytics to our communities to enhance residents’ safety, health, security, and overall well-being while maintaining their privacy. At TeCSAR lab, the focus is on developing novel technologies across the entire computing stack to enable real-time decentralized edge cognitive Intelligence integrated into community environments to allow a broad range of Smart and Connected community applications. A few examples are AI for public and pedestrian safety, smart transportation, and intelligent energy and healthcare systems. To achieve this broad mission, the faculty and students closely work with domain experts from civil and construction engineering, power electronics, social sciences, criminal justice, community partners, stakeholders, leading industries, and the public and community residents. The lab collaborates with several industry and research organizations such as the National Science Foundation, Nvidia Technologies, Virginia Department of Transportation, and Xilinx. For further details on the research areas and lab activities click here.