ECE Students Embark on International Internship and Academic Program

Categories: Departmental News

UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering has teamed up with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) and Bürkert, Germany, to offer three exceptional Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) students an unparalleled international experience. Matthew McGrew, Steve Feinstein, and Axel Knoll, the inaugural cohort, are currently undertaking an intensive internship at Bürkert in Germany from January to July 2024. Simultaneously, they will attend classes at HKA from March to August 2024, providing a unique blend of practical and academic exposure.

UNC Charlotte is not only sending its talented ECE students abroad but is also hosting three exchange students from HKA as part of this dynamic partnership. This reciprocal exchange of knowledge and cultural experiences strengthens the collaboration between the institutions, setting a precedent for global perspectives and collaborative learning in the field of engineering. As the first cohort leads the way, this initiative fosters innovation and excellence, transcending borders and creating a lasting impact on the academic and professional realms.