Sukumar Kamalasadan, Ph.D.

Dr. Sukumar Kamalasadan, Ph.D.

Professor & ECE Research Coordinator
Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Ph.D. University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, 2004
  • M.Eng. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 1999
  • B.Tech. University of Calicut, India, 1991
  • Smart Grid Design
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Power Grid Modernization
  • Real-time Modeling and Control of Energy Systems and Devices
  • Energy Storage and Wind Energy Modeling and Control
  • Microgrid Management
Selected Publications:
  1. R Bhattarai, N Gurung, S Kamalasadan, “Dual Mode Control of Three-Phase Inverter using Minimum Variance Adaptive Architecture”, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol.54, Issue 4, 2018,3868-3880.
  2. S. J Hossain, T P George, R Bisht, A Suresh, S. Kamalasadan, “An Integrated Battery Optimal Power Dispatch Architecture for End-User Driven Micro-Grid in Islanded and Grid-Connected Mode of Operation”, IEEE Transactions on Industry Application, Vol.54, Issue 4, 2018, 3806-3819.
  3. A. Thakallapelli, S. J Hossain, “Coherency and Online Signal Selection Based Wide Area Control of Wind Integrated Power Grid”, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol54, Issue 4, 2018, pp.3712-3722.
  4. R. Bhattarai, N Gurung, A Thakallapelli, Reduced Order State Observer Based Feedback Control Methodologies for Doubly Fed Induction Machine, “IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol.54, Issue 3, 2018, pp.2845-2856.
  5. TP George, SJ Hossain, S Ghosh, P Mandal, S Kamalasadan, “A Quadratic Programming Based Optimal Power and Battery Dispatch for Grid-Connected Micro Grid”, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 54, Issue 2, 1793-1805, 2018.
  6. R. Yousefian, S. Kamalasadan, “Energy Function Inspired Value Priority Based Global Wide-Area Control of Power Grid”, IEEE Trans. On Smart Grid, Vol.9, Issue 2, pp.552-563.
  7. R. Yousefian, R Bhattarai, S. Kamalasadan, “Transient Stability Enhancement of Power Grid with Integrated Wide Area Control of Wind Farms and Synchronous Generators”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 32, Issue 6, 4818-4831, 2017
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