Welcome New Students!

Please note the following important pointers for your first few weeks in school.

1. Orientation meetings: You will be attending a number of orientation meetings on your arrival  to campus. Please check your emails (49er mail) for all announcements.

  • ECE New Graduate Student Orientation: January 19, 2021 - This meeting is mandatory for all students to attend. 
  • Location: Zoom (link sent to your @uncc.edu email)
  • Time: 1pm-2pm

International students should consult the ISSO website for valuable pre-arrival information, COVID-19 Specific FAQs and answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Registration: Graduate students can register, add, or drop courses via the web at any time up to the deadline that is posted in the Official Academic Calendar. However, it is advised that you be registered for classes as soon as possible. The best practice is to do self-reading about available courses beforehand, discuss preferences with your faculty contact before the first day of classes, and register online. The following points would be helpful:

  •  You can read the list of courses available from Banner and course descriptions from the online graduate catalog.
  •  You are advised to meet with your faculty contact to decide on courses to take. Your faculty contact's name is mentioned in your admission letter. Professors will be available to meet/advise students the first week of the academic semester, but it is advisable to send email to ask for an appointment.
  •  You can also discuss courses with your faculty contact by email. If you cannot reach your faculty contact in person or over email before the first day of classes, and you need help with registration, please email to the Graduate Coordinator.
  •  Except for courses that have UNC Charlotte courses as prerequisites, new students should not have trouble registering for graduate courses available online, even without help from the faculty contact.
  •  If you experience any errors during registration, such as "pre-requisite error" or "academic advisement needed", send an email to Katie Watson (kwatso55@uncc.edu). In order to add the necessary authorization to your account, she will require the 5-digit CRN associated with the specific section you wish to enroll in this coming term.  If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the requested course(s) to avoid any potentially negative outcomes.  Lastly, please be sure to include your Student ID # in all email correspondence.  Otherwise, simply ask for an advising appointment with your faculty contact.
  •  You can add, drop, and change registrations up to September 14, 2020. But it is a good idea to register for your best courses before classes begin and then drop/add to change, if needed, before 9/14/2020.

3. New Teaching Assistants need to take the ITA test in the first week. Please contact ISSO for further details.

4. If you have any questions, the following people can help:

  • Mrs. Alexis C. Jennings, Graduate Academic Advisor | Office: EPIC 2244 | Email: ajenni25@uncc.edu | Phone:  (704) 687-8865
  • Dr. Valentina Cecchi, Graduate Program Director | Office: EPIC 2248 | Email: vcecchi@uncc.edu | Phone: (704) 687-0307

Prospective Students