Devices, Circuits, and Systems

Devices, Circuits, and Systems

Active research areas include RF circuit design, antennas, analog and mixed-signal circuit design, power electronics, fiber-optic sensors, laser and detector design, optical and optoelectronic networks, optical image processing, optoelectronic material science, photovoltaics, quantum devices, materials for submicron lithography, microstructural analyses, vacuum microelectronics, radiation hardened devices, packaging and systems integration, and device modeling.

Graduate Faculty:

  • Ebong
  • Fiddy
  • Gao
  • Hasan
  • Holleman
  • Mencagli
  • Smith
  • Tranjan
  • Zhang

Depending on interest, graduate students with interests in Device, Circuits, and Systems typically processing typically make primary course selections from the following list. For a complete listing of available courses, students are advised to consult the 3-year course availability list.

Electromagnetics, antennas, and RF:

  • ECGR 5190: Acoustics
  • ECGR 5121: Antennas
  • ECGR 5125: Foundations of Optical Engineering
  • ECGR 5261: Microwave Circuit Design I
  • ECGR 5123: Advanced Electromagnetic Field Theory
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
  • ECGR 6264/8264: RF Design
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: RF, Digital Radio, & Metamaterial Fundamentals

Electronic devices and systems:

  • ECGR 5431: Linear Integrated Electronics
  • ECGR 5132: Analog Integrated Circuits Design
  • ECGR 5136: Solid State Microelectronic Devices II
  • ECGR 5125: Found of Optical Engineering
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Applied Quantum Mechanics
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Integrated Photonics
  • ECGR 5090: Special Topics: Science and Technology of PV
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Solid State Materials
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Solid State Lighting
  • ECGR 6132/8132: Advanced Semiconductor Device Physics