Power Systems

Power Systems

Active research areas include power systems, Smart Grid, micro grid, power systems stability and control, power systems optimization, utility applications, high voltage, condition monitoring, economic operation of power systems, electromechanical systems and drives, power systems protection, and renewable energy.

Graduate Faculty:

  • Cecchi
  • Chowdhury
  • Cox
  • Kamalasadan
  • Manjrekar
  • Mazzola
  • Parkhideh
  • Rodriguez-Medina
  • Zhao

Depending on interest, graduate students with interests in Power Systems typically processing typically make primary course selections from the following list. For a complete listing of available courses, students are advised to consult the 3-year course availability list.

Power Systems:

  • ECGR 5194: Power System Analysis II
  • ECGR 5171: Intro to Energy Systems
  • ECGR 5172: Energy Markets
  • ECGR 6144/8144: Electric Power Distribution Systems I
  • ECGR 6145/8145: Electric Power Distribution Systems II
  • ECGR 6147/8147: Power System Stability and Control
  • ECGR 6190/8190: Smart Grid: Characteristics, Design, and Analysis
  • ECGR 5090: Special Topics: Energy Data Analytics
  • ECGR 5104: Computational Methods in Power Systems
  • ECGR 5142: Power Generation, Operation, and Control
  • ECGR 6090/8090 & 6173/8173: Power Quality
  • ECGR 6147/8147: Power Systems Stability & Control

Power Electronics and Machines:

  • ECGR 5144: Power Electronics I
  • ECGR 6197/8197: Power Electronics II
  • ECGR 5195: Electrical Machines
  • ECGR 5090: Special Topics: Utility Applications of Power Electronics
  • ECGR 6090/8090: Special Topics: Solid State Circuit Protection