Power, Energy and Intelligent Systems Lab (PEISL)

Power, Energy and Intelligent Systems Lab (PEISL)

The mission of Power, Energy and Intelligent Systems Lab (PEISL) is to conduct advanced research in power and energy systems especially related to smart grid and microgrid and provide hands-on training to both undergraduate and graduate students in modeling, hardware and software integration, real-time simulation and prototyping of power management devices and systems. Main research focus areas are related to power grid modernization such as grid impact of renewable energy integration, real-time modeling, and control of power grid and renewable energy devices, dynamics and stability of renewable energy integrated power grid and advanced topics in power system optimization. Current hardware integration and test studies are in the areas of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), power system relaying, device and grid level controllers and renewable energy integration experimental testbeds such as wind generator test bed, PV generator test bed, and uninterruptible power supply and battery management systems.

Primary Faculty: Sukumar Kamalasadan

Collaborators: Tao Han, Valentina Cecchi and Umit Cali (ETCM)

Location: EPIC G232

For more information, https://coefs.charlotte.edu/skamalas/