Research in Quantitative Ultrasound

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Research in Quantitative Ultrasound to Enhance Soft Tissue Imaging (QUEST) lab is led by Prof. Farah Deeba with a mission to identify non-invasive imaging biomarkers as a surrogate for the underlying pathophysiological processes for the early prediction and monitoring of diseases. Ultrasound is widely accepted as the next-generation imaging modality of choice, but it is qualitative and depends on user interpretation and system settings. Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS), contrary to its conventional counterpart, is user- and system-independent. At QUEST lab, the research is centered on the identification and measurement of Quantitative Ultrasound parameters of the soft tissue of the human body where the objective is to develop non-invasive screening tools based on Quantitative Ultrasound to identify early signs of diseases and monitor the disease progression and therapeutic response. The lab collaborates with clinicians to acquire imaging data and understand the unmet clinical need for new screening tools. For further details on the research areas and lab activities click here.