Comprehensive Exam

M.S. students who choose the non-thesis comprehensive exam option must pass the Breadth exam as part of their requirements for the M.S. degree.

This exam evaluates the student’s breadth of knowledge in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This exam is usually conducted at the end of April in the spring semester and at the beginning of November in the fall semester. In this exam the student is required to answer 4 problems:

  • One problem on engineering mathematics: The student needs to answer one problem from a set of seven problems, each from a different mathematical topic. View the list of mathematical topics here.
  • Three problem from selected undergraduate courses of ECEA sufficient number of problems are provided from four different Technical Thrust Group (TTG) areas from which the student needs to answer any three by selecting not more than two problems from the same area (i.e. all three should not be chosen from the same area). Complete reading lists along with samples of these problems in all found areas may be found here.