Student-Supplied Materials

Lab Kits

Text books are not required for laboratory courses. Instead, students must provide hand tools, test leads, breadboards, and other items that are used to set-up and perform experiments. One set of tools is required for each lab working group – usually two students – and may be shared, although most students prefer to have their own kits. The same tools are required for all lab courses, so a one-time purchase covers most student-supplied materials needed for ECGR 2155, 2156, 3155, and 3156.

Lab kits may be purchased at the UNC charlotte Bookstore or online from Electronix Express. Two pre-packaged kits are available: Standard, and Deluxe. The standard kit contains everything that you will need for in-class experiments. The deluxe kit is optional for students having a personal desire for the additional items that it contains. To view the contents of a kit, click “More Info” beside the line item on the Electronix Express web page. Individual kit items are described in the Electronix Express online catalog. A sample kit is available for examination in Mr. Hill’s office at EPIC 2154.

Important Notes:

  1. Be sure to place online orders well before the start of classes to assure sufficient time for order processing and shipping.
  2. When requesting shipments to dorms please make sure of using the correct address format. The address format for all our buildings is:

Resident Name
Residence Hall Name & Room Number
UNC Charlotte
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

Lab Notebooks

Students will keep “Laboratory Notebooks” containing details of weekly experiments, data collected, and calculations. College-ruled composition books available at any office supply store may be purchased for use as laboratory notebooks.