ECGR 3155

ECGR 3155 Systems and Electronics (EPIC 2140)

Systems and signals measurements and applications; electronic circuits. This course is designed to provide hands-on experience with electronic devices, circuit construction and debugging, and operation of laboratory instrumentation.

Lab Experiments

Lab reports are submitted and graded online using Canvas. Please check Canvas for your section schedule.

  1. Introduction to EMONA SigEx Board
  2. Linear and Non-Linear Systems
  3. Op-Amps
  4. Diodes and Bridge Rectifiers
  5. Zener Diodes Voltage Regulator, Diodes Clippers and Clampers
  6. Convolution
  7. BJT Amplifier Configurations and Input/Output Impedances
  8. MOSFETs Amplifier Configurations and Input/Output Impedance
  9. Fourier Series
  10. Spectrum Analysis